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PDF Date Title
download Sep 16, 2013 A method to measure cellular adhesion utilizing a polymer micro-cantilever.
download Apr 02, 2013 Tip-based chemical vapor deposition with a scanning nano-heater
download Feb 20, 2013 Hot-spot detection and calibration of a scanning thermal probe with a noise thermometry gold wire sample
download Apr 10, 2012 Piezo-thermal Probe Array for High Throughput Applications
download Sep 04, 2011 Piezoresistive Probe Array for High Throughput Applications
download Aug 15, 2011 Development and Testing of Nano Robot End Effector for Cell Electrophysiology and Elastography Studies
download Jun 06, 2011 Magnetic Microheaters for Cell Separation, Manipulation, and Lysis
download May 16, 2011 A probe for characterization of adhesion and stiffness of nano and micro materials
download May 10, 2011 Piezo-thermal probe for thermomechanical analysis
download Mar 23, 2011 Measuring Transport Properties of Thin Films Under Isotropic and Anisotropic Strain Using Piezoelectric Substrates
download Mar 22, 2011 A colorimetric receptor combined with a microcantilever sensor for explosive vapor detection
download Jun 01, 2010 Ultra-compliant thermal AFM probes for studying of cellular properties
download Oct 16, 2009 Room temperature metal microbolometers near the metal insulator transition regime
download Nov 05, 2008 Thermally actuated tapping mode atomic force microscopy with polymer microcantilevers
download Feb 14, 2008 A preliminary study of spatial resolution enhancement of confocal and triangulation displacement meters using contact mode scanning probes
download Feb 28, 2006 Polyimide Probes for Contact Mode Subsurface SPM Thermal Imaging
download Dec 14, 2005 An experimental study of the contact mode AFM scanning capability of polymide cantilever probes